Whisper of the Heart

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Whisper of the Heart

понедельник, 7 июня 2010 г.
kriSMare 10:45:42
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среда, 2 июня 2010 г.
Ужас== kriSMare 15:19:05
У моей Беты отключают интернет на месяц и я ищу новую...
Очень прошу!
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среда, 26 мая 2010 г.
He he. Friends or lovers? kriSMare 13:09:43
Part 5. "Letters, addressable in the void"

Подробнее… "Destiny. Fate is changeable, you know!" We can not predict it. Today you are alive, and tomorrow is already dead. All the puzzles collected a thing called life, everything will collapse in an instant. And nothing has changed. I'm talking about you, brother. All my life you lived, you've forgotten everything, so you believe me! And you will live a beautiful life, and I ... I'm out with the boy. Yes, and it's true! I understand their feelings. I love it! I'm sorry too, my brother, but I love him madly. His smile like yours. Wonderful voice and eyes. I gave him all the feelings that I feel for you. And what he feels for me? I do not know. Today, it is too late, to the same rain falls. I hear the tears of God, he is also lonely.
Loved brother, because you've forgotten, but I remind you. Tomorrow is the anniversary. Your my love. I want to know just what you do not mind my love for him. I hope that does not mind. Thank you! "
вторник, 25 мая 2010 г.
Mama... kriSMare 15:53:42
Подробнее…1 брат:
Прости меня младший брат,
Я так пред тобою виноват.
Пытаться вернуть нельзя,
Того что взяла земля.
Кто знал закон бытия
Помог бы и мне найти ответ,
Жестоко ошибся я,
От смерти лекарства нет.


Милая мама нежная
Мы так любили тебя,
Но все наши силы
Потрачены были зря.

1 брат:
Тебя соблазнил я,
Прекрастной надеждой
Вернуть наш семейный очаг,
Мой брат я во всем виноват.

2 брат:
Не плачь, не печалься старший брат
Не ты один виноват.
Дорога у нас одна,
Искупим вину до дна
Мне не в чем тебя упрекнуть,
И я не обижен ни чуть
Тяжен наш грех,
Хотеть быть сильнее всех


Милая мама нежная
Мы так любили тебя,
Но все наши силы
Потрачены были зря

Я сам соблазнился
Прекрастной надеждой
Вернуть наш семейный очаг
Я сам во всем виноват

Ну что-же нам делать? Как быть?
Как всё исправить? Забыть?
Пытаться вернуть нельзя
Того что взяла земля.

Подкаст Mama ( 04:05 / 5.6Mb )
My work) kriSMare 11:34:47
Please, evaluate!:-D­
http://s40.radikal.ru/i089/1005/af/0671d3888e72.jpg - I'm not drawing, drawing for me ^ ^

"Now, nowhere else to go, These feelings I can not make" kriSMare 11:32:09
"Now, nowhere else to go
These feelings I can not make*

Why do I love?
Why do this sin?
I have nowhere to go ...
Only around the grief.

The sky clouds ... And look down,
As if laughing
As if they were close.
And feel all the pain, which is in me.

Why grin of pain of others?
I'm already used to, not the first time suffer.
And if I ever see again face
His face, the face to the boys ...

And once inside me is a struggle ...
All feelings have turned to mush.
Love and pain and jealousy.
I can not make them already ...

I know I can not make it on my own eyes,
But perhaps just a friendly,
I will not be in his heart,
After all, there already is living another.

* This phrase is taken from the song "Love - this is war
kriSMare 11:30:30
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"Letter to a favorite" kriSMare 11:28:57
"Letter to a favorite"

Oh, dear (name kept secret)
Oh, how I love you
Your smile that makes me a bit though,
But on this happy.

And how I want you to love me
And embraced as a hug (name kept secret).
But when I see you as the soul becomes sad.
And jealousy flares heat, no water potushimaya.

I can not look at you, in the breast is compressed to a pain
Already weary heart, saturated with poison.
Again, from the face smiling slept, in the eyes of sadness, longing.
And have no strength to resist the fall of tears ...

PS Hm, lucky boy) already 3 verse about him writing about the other one I just wrote ^ ^
Love - war! kriSMare 11:27:48
Love - war!

Do not be together we never, so if he does not love me.
I love it I'm more of life, forget it, I can not!
I think about him all day, had not seen him.
It will take years already and two more, forget it I can not!

Green eyes and voice, which he invited them to me.
But all the attention and feeling he gave her as soon.
He is in my eyes courted, caressed her and kissed her.
I'm looking at this pair, not willingly cried in the shower.

Love-War! Not an ounce of meaning.
It's me! kriSMare 11:24:31
Las Vegas Anime Party! May 23!!! kriSMare 11:21:19
Wai *О* So finally I went to Patty! People there were very few. Even when I was sitting in the subway and waited for "Papa" was so ... lonely! No animeshnika, and usually they kuuuuucha ^ ^
But anyway I did not stop to break away completely)) drank, along with "daddy" - crazy on the street, and then in the club ...
Dance floor was completely free and I broke away before losing consciousness. But still something is not sufficient (
Well, wait 30 May
He he. Friends or lovers? kriSMare 11:20:16
Part 4. "Letters, addressable in the void"

Подробнее… "Well, how are you, my dear friend." Beloved older brother. I want to tell you about the recent days that I spent with this guy. "He is kind and good and wonderful my dear friend." All this time while I was absent at home, I had visited him . Neat, tidy house from him. He lives, like me, one ... During this time we became very good friends and often see each other now. I looked at him always, more of a smile. You're exactly the same as smiling ... I do not understand what I feel for him. What connects us? Work, friendship ... it's all so banal, that is to say about love? What should I do what I can? Fool ... That's what suits me! I do not want to betray you, brother. You're the only one I liked. Years will go by a century. I love only you. Remember, brother, I will not dare to betray my beloved man. But you're not loved, loved me like a brother. And I really want to love me and was beside me. I had the chance and this is he, and this is the boy! "
kriSMare 11:18:44
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He he. Friends or lovers? kriSMare 11:17:47
Part 2. "Letters addressed to the void"

Подробнее… "Hello, brother!" And again I saw this young man. Sadness in his eyes was.'s Brother, because you know, I'm shy, and I became a doctor because of you. But today, I overcame all fear and all shyness, attempted to approach him . As I approached, only I did not survive. And trembling in her legs, dizziness, eyes mist, blended all together. I saw him up close, I finally realized that even for you and he looks like, but there is in you and distinction. His eyes ... deep as the darkness and dark as night. His eyes did not express the joy, the reason for this love. I understand his feelings, because you're a brother ... you're dead, so do not know the whole truth. He loved you, I, my brother. Really loved. Why God took you? Love and life - unjust!"
He he. Friends or lovers? kriSMare 11:03:20
Part 1. "Letters addressed to the void"

Подробнее… "Brother, dear brother of mine, I know that you do not already among us. What have you killed in a horrible fire. Burned to the ground, saving lives. My brother, I will never forget you too. You were only my friend and I always knew .
I live in the same way as always, the only one in the apartment. I work, study ...
You know, I met a guy at the institute. He looked like you, do not tear and look. He is 17, he is so young, innocent, kind, Exactly like you. I'm older than 4 years.
Brother, what is this something? As soon as I saw his face, his eyes smile. Smile, just like yours. I was always too hot in the throws and utter a word does. What is it? Tell me brother, answer! Dj vu? Or is it love? "

Whisper of the Heart

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